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Save as pdf large file size

Question asked by Paul Cuppens on Jan 8, 2009
Latest reply on May 4, 2011 by Carmelo Treviso

Anyone any idea haw to shrink the file size for a "save as pdf"-file. I noticed that the file size of an sldrw that is printed with an pdf-printer (pdf995) is of much smaller size then a "save as pdf" sldrw. Is there a possibility of changing the properties or options so the "save as pdf" file will be smaller in file size.
The noticeble difference of the 2 files is when opening the "save as pdf" that there are bookmarks available in the pdf reader (every individual view is an different bookmark) and there are no bookmarks in the printed version.
I don't need the bookmarks but the save as option is easyer to do for me.

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