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    Saving design tables

    Damjan Čiča

      Hi everyone.

      I am having some issues saving design tables and reopening them. I have created a simple user form in a main excel file that updates the design table of every part, by that i mean it adds new configurations and dimensions. For it to work I need to open every excel file separately, update it and save it. Then I can open every part and new configurations are added.


      I wanted to speed up the process, so I have created a simple VBA macro that opens every design table as an excel file, updates and closes it. That part works fine.

      After updating every design table I open the parts, new configurations are added and everything works fine. The next step is where I am experiencing issues.


      After closing the parts, the design tables are saved from SolidWorks. When I try to open them in excel after I get the following error:


      Here is the VBA macro:

      Option Explicit


      Sub update_tablica()


      Dim strFilepath As String

      Dim strFilename(2) As String

      Dim i As Integer


      strFilepath = "C:\Users\dcica\Desktop\Stol\"

      strFilename(0) = "Gornja ploča"

      strFilename(1) = "Konstrukcija"

      strFilename(2) = "Stol"


      For i = 0 To 2


      1. Workbooks.Open (strFilepath & strFilename(i))
      2. Application.DisplayAlerts = False


      Workbooks(strFilename(i)).SaveAs filename:=strFilepath & strFilename(i) & ".xlsx", FileFormat:=51




      Next i


      End Sub