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    auto link non-cad files

    Win Lai

      Hi everybody,


      Have everyone try to link up non-cad file (distributed to different layer of folders) to main SW assembly files ?


      the file categories such as

      1) product specification

      2) manual guide

      3) simulation result video

      4) rendering result image

      5) ms project schedule timeline


      I found it is quite time consuming to link up those files together.



      So, I write an api to automate this. If you are interested in it, you can send email to me (alan@ict.com.hk) for free using it.


      Following is the PDM api program to link up product data automatically and build a structured hierarchy.  ^_^

      PDM Project Link - YouTube







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          Tim Webb


          How is this licensed? What's the price? What does the "overwrite" checkbox column do? What does the "exclude" checkbox column do?


          Tim CEPA

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              Win Lai

              Hi Tim,


              During implementation, I found some non-cad users (especially sales & QA staff) asked me about non-cad file handling. Their practice are to receive documents from their vendor or customer in emailbox, when they drag files into PDM, there is no high productivity method to link those files to the related project.


              That's why I develop this api.


              It is free license at this moment. I haven't idea to charge it. Just wanna collect enhancement request to make this api much more productivity.


              Regarding "Exclude" column, when you select all files to auto-link together, if you find one or some files are no need to auto-link together, you will have an option to skip it.


              You can go to youtube PDM Project Link - YouTube

              to see the operation video.



              Alan ^_~