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chamfer angle precision macro fails

Question asked by Nick Middleton on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

Good Morning People,   (sw2016 sp4)


I am looking to clear something up if possible....


I have successfully created two normal angle precision macros and associated buttons with them. this basically allows the user to very quickly remove trailing zeroes or add them accordingly.


I have tried to record/create a virtually identical macro that does the same for chamfer angle precision.


on further investigation yesterday I noticed one thing..... on playing the macro that tries to hide/remove the trailing zeroes:-


options>document properties>dimensions>chamfer


it does change the value from .12 (2dp) to none

However only during the macro recording does clicking the ok button work.


I  manually change the value in angular precision back to .12 and then play the macro using the assigned button to remove these trailing zeroes by changing the value to None.


the drop down box changes......... however the chamfer dimension just sits there none the wiser....... but if you return back to the drop down showing none in the chamfer precision and simply click ok...... the chamfer precision updates on the drawing.


If anybody can explain why the OK button is not recorded in the macro that would be great. or is it simply assumed that at the end of each line a carriage return/enter keypress is made.



any help would be awesome.


ps my knowledge on VB is limited.