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Sheet metal part challenge

Question asked by Eugen Lupascu on Jul 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2017 by Eugen Lupascu

I have a sheet metal part wich I did in real life but I cannot make the same model in Solidworks. I have two aproces which must be combined to give me the real model. Can someone help me with this?


So, let's start



I have the left part which is like the real model and the right part. The problem is that I cannot have the flat pattern for the left part, but I have the flat pattern on the right part, but I caanot make the midle bend. In the left part I have this bending interruption. I don't want this in the right part.

This is the real part:


The problem is I don't see how to make it in Solidworks to look like real life. This part is designed in flat pattern and manually bend.


As you see in left part I have a right angle and in right part I have a 80 degrees angle. I want to make the left part with the angle but I cannot convert it to sheet metal when I use the 80 degrees angle. The part is 2mm thick and the overall dimensions are 35mm long, 30mm heigh and 28mm wide.


These are the flat patterns:


and this is the real flat pattern for the part which is already machined:


I hope you understand what I want to do.


Thank you!