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What would be your top Enhancement Request for SW Electrical?

Question asked by Evan Stanek on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2018 by Marc Wilson

I love hearing people's experiences and insights on the tool, and thought we could share and help each other out (and SOLIDWORKS) by casting votes for Enhancement Requests that we've been pining for to put on the radar of the developers.


So for me, Connection Labels are something I've used countless times, but found creating them to be tedious as I add the attributes for components that have a high circuit count.  I've always wanted a way to more easily populate the attributes for large connection label symbols.  Maybe a "dynamic connection label" tool that allows you to set up a configuration and then generate connection labels on the fly for any size component, and I created an Enhancement Request 929684.


If you like that idea, cast a vote!


What is your top request that would take electrical to the next level?