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Simulation of Grease tank

Question asked by Rohit Agarwal on Jul 5, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2017 by Seçkin Uslu

Hej folks,


Thank You so much for the help in advance.


I am trying to simulate a grease tank. Water with diesel flow into a tank and then is allowed to stand for 2 hours which allows the grease to separate by floating at the top due to lesser density. I have the inlet volume flow and the water exits when the tank level reaches the outlet level. I would assume that means environmental pressure.


Is it possible to simulate various designs to check how the water with diesel flow through the inlet and outlet while filling up the grease tank.


I am trying to check various outlet designs to know which one allows best separation. Can you help me out with which method to use. Also, if its not possible in SolidWorks Flo Simulation, which software should I be looking ahead to?