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    Simulation of Grease tank

    Rohit Agarwal

      Hej folks,


      Thank You so much for the help in advance.


      I am trying to simulate a grease tank. Water with diesel flow into a tank and then is allowed to stand for 2 hours which allows the grease to separate by floating at the top due to lesser density. I have the inlet volume flow and the water exits when the tank level reaches the outlet level. I would assume that means environmental pressure.


      Is it possible to simulate various designs to check how the water with diesel flow through the inlet and outlet while filling up the grease tank.


      I am trying to check various outlet designs to know which one allows best separation. Can you help me out with which method to use. Also, if its not possible in SolidWorks Flo Simulation, which software should I be looking ahead to?

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          Ryan Dark

          Hi Rohit,

          From what you describe the situation you have would have a free liquid surface between water/diesel and air.  Flow Simulation is no equipped to handle multiple fluid phases within the same chamber so the full situation start to finish could not be simulated here.  However, if you want to have your tank assumed to be totally full of water and diesel (only liquid in the tank with no air) starting in a mixed state then left to separate over time you could probably show just the full state and the liquids separating then.


          If you want to simulate the situation involving air as well you may need to find a multi-physics package capable of phase change like COMSOL.

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              Rohit Agarwal


              Thank You so much for your prompt reply. I haven't been able to get back to you due to my vacations.


              Do you know of a resource or tutorial that I could use for the particular problem. I would prefer to use COMSOL and the multiphase simulation for the above problem.


              All your help is highly appreciated!

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              Seçkin Uslu

              Hey all


              Your problem is about free surface. 2017 has not able to handle with free surface problems.


              But SW 2018 has announced that free surface can be solved by flow.Now 2018 beta is avaible.


              You can test it