D. chorosy

Balloons on main assembly

Discussion created by D. chorosy on Jan 8, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2009 by Josh Brady

I noticed if a part is hidden in an assembly, no balloon is attached to it, which makes sense in a certain way. However I would like to be sure all different assembly parts have a balloon attached so we can refer to the BOM to know what it is.
For instance a washer used with a screw won't be ballooned because not visible. It is the same for the internal parts of a mechanism. Do I need to make section views wherever I have a different washer?
Morever is there an optiion telling you which parts of a BOM are not ballooned on the assembly? If not, what do you do to be sure you have shown everything for a big assembly (about 200 different parts)?