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Drawing custom properties vs. sheet properties?

Question asked by David Heverin on Jul 5, 2017

When I use the "Make Drawing from part" command in Solidworks a drawing is created.  I can select the format I wish to use.  The format is populated with custom properties pulled from the part (short description, long description, part number, etc.).  These fields show up on the "@" (custom properties) but SOME of them do not show up on the "Sheet1", "Sheet2", etc. tabs on my drawing data card.  The Short description and long description seem to show up on the "Sheet" tabs, but fields like the part number, product initial use on, and a few others do not appear on the "sheet" tabs for the drawing data cards. 


Can someone give me some help in getting this resolved.  Essentially, everything that is populated on the "@" tab on the drawing data card, I want to see show up on all of the "Sheet" tabs.