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Best Practice input devices? Mouse - 3D Mouse - Other?

Question asked by Gary Garrison on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by Donald Moire

If a person wanted to build a current Workstation for Solidworks what is the best/ideal input devices?  I know this will vary based on your tasks, but for general 3d modelling?


From what I see on the forum there isn't a tremendous amount of discussion on this.  The general consensus I see is as follows:


3d Mouse

3D Space Mouse (Pro or Enterprise)

Anyone have personal experience with the Enterprise VS the Pro?


Regular Mouse

Logitech MX Series


These seem to be the "all stars" that I have seen the most personal recommendations for on this forum.  So here are my questions:


Am I missing something new?

Am I missing something easier?

Do the touch monitors play well with SW yet?  Is that even supported?