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pdm standard - reverting data changes, and where the data actually is when?

Question asked by Gordon Rigg on Jul 3, 2017

My question is about reverting changes I have made to my data in PDM standard.

But I am struggling to understand what would make a good backup strategy for the work I am doing now.


My server data files are all backed up. that is everything under "PDM standard archive" on my server.

what has not been backed up is the two database files:

I've got a lot of data that I have been processing through restoring file links before it was checked in. Now as I understand it this data is not "in" the database until it is checked in.

I extracted my data from WGPDM and laboriously restored all the assembly links, and copied that local file set before I checked any of it in. That should be good to revert to I think.

Now when I checked all that stuff in I proceeded to start copying the legacy revision status across.

So all that stuff must be happening on the server?

This is where is went wrong a bit and I want to get back to where I was this morning because I've managed to lose the legacy revision status on a lot of my data.


So, the database is full of information about what I've been doing. I wonder if there is a way to to just wind it all back to where I was this morning?

I can restore the files in the archive server, but I doubt that is enough.


And in order to just start doing this stuff I had to agree to getting no help from my VAR at all. I had to sign away any support on installation just to get the install codes I already own. But for the future I have identified an alternative VAR who promises not to be so obstructive.