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    Search time in PDM

    Lasse Nielsen

      Hello Forum


      How long should it take to complete a search in the EPDM? The server is local, and currently we have approximately 150.000 items in the database. A search usually takes 20-30 seconds for a property-specific search to complete, which I think is way too long...


      How long does it take you to complete a search in your database?

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          Steve Ostrovsky

          Search times can depend on a lot of variables but latency is one of the first areas I would start with. It would stand to reason that a local server means no latency issues, but it can happen. I would start with a ping test to the database server.


          Open a CMD prompt and enter:


          ping -t servername -l 64000<<c:\temp\pingtest.txt


          When you hit enter it will start the ping test. Let it run for a few minutes and then hit CTRL+C to cancel it. Then go look at your C:\Temp folder and review the results. You'll want to look at the time value. What is it?

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            Paul Wyndham

            Here is some information from our system to give you a comparison.


            I just ran a variable search on our system for author containing Paul. It returned 6181 files in 177.5 seconds in the integrated search tool. in the stand alone search tool I get 6181 files in 314.7 seconds. I have noticed that in SW PDM 2017 the integrated search tool is better then the standalone one in some ways.




            A search for the Author containing Glenn returned 1738 files in 11.9 seconds


            My average ping time is 146ms to the data server.

            We currently have 159,335 files in the vault according to vault properties tab and a search for *.


            On the main archive server that has a 1ms ping time to the data server it returned the results in 159.1 seconds in the standalone search tool or 158.7 seconds in the integrated search tool. Searching for Glenn on the main server took 5.3 seconds.


            Just for informational purposes the search took 563.3 seconds to return that main items.



            I have SQL setup to do rebuild tasks every other day.

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              Matt Camacho-Cook

              Here's another data point, as I'm curious as well.


              Variable search on Author "Matt" returned 17,733 files in 47.4 seconds via the integrated search tool.

              Our vault has 49,296 files according to a * search which took 66.6 seconds.

              Ping time is 2 ms when using (ping -t servername -l 64000).


              EPDM 2016 SP5.0

              Database & Archive Server on same VM

              SQL maintenance weekly



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                Steven Richmond

                Hi Lasse,


                Tried my own vault just out of interest and it was only taking a few seconds



                Looked on the knowledge base for any solutions and one potential issue could be the one below.

                Might not be but at least it ticks it of the list



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                    Paul Wyndham

                    I just ran the search and got the 6181 files in 160 seconds. I change the data server power setting from balanced to High performance. I then ran the search again and got the files in 155.8 seconds.


                    What is curious is that it appeared to mostly be using one processor for the search.



                    Processor number 4 was pegged most of the time while the others were mostly low.

                    These two VMs (Archive and Data servers) are on the same LAN but I don't know if they are on the same hardware or not. They are in an IBM data center so of course they are of the ultimate quality with no connectivity issues.

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                    Stephen Lapic

                    Here is something else that makes a big difference.  How many file extensions are in the properties of the data card?  When I started out we had long search times and our data cards listed around 50 different extensions.  After changing them to only those that are appropriate the search times dropped dramatically.

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                      Lasse Nielsen

                      I think I kinda solved the problem. One of the folder in the vault root (created before my time) is filled to the brim with old files. More then 60% of the total number of files in the vault. If I search all other folder, but this old folder, searches take like 2-3 seconds.