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Is there any way to mark a piece in assembly to show location on a drawing?

Question asked by Atom Falcone on Jul 3, 2017
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Often times I am tasked with taking our machine drawings, and reducing them to just the framing required to assemble the tool (machine design).


I start with the top level assembly and create configuration where only the framing member remain.


This is great for the most part, the problem is that there are often fixtures (electronics or otherwise) which attach to the framing and require drop-in bolts to affix. The problem I have is marking the location of these drop-ins.


Currently the method I use is to print out the frame-only drawings, default back to the original configuration and manually look over the assembly making note of locations on the paper print out.


I would like to have a method in which I could add some sort of marker to the drawing to indicate this while I'm building the frame drawings. I can't think of any way to achieve this thought. Any tips would be appreciated, cheers!