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@ Mention Tool Is Nice, But...

Question asked by Matt Finley on Jul 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2017 by Dave Bear

This isn't so much a Solidworks question as a Forum question... The @ Mention tool is pretty cool but it seems dumb in a way. I would think the tool, when you start typing a name, would have some sorting that moved names that are currently active in the thread to the top of the list. As it is now when you start typing it brings up every name in the book even if they haven't posted in 10 years or even if they have zero posts. Not a very good chance anyone will be mentioning one of those guys. LOL.


I know it's already got some type of filter because when I started typing @ m (without a space) I get a bunch of names that don't even have an "M" in them!


Just throwing that out there in case anyone else has the same question.