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Thermal modelling with multiple fluid subdomains

Question asked by Jaime Kolln on Jul 1, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by Ryan Dark

I am taking over a project modelling transformers in below ground utility vaults for my university. The original models were simulated incorrectly and so now I am trying to determine the issues. I have found that the transformer was modeled as one material. I need the core to be the heat source. I need olive, mineral, or FR3 oil inside of the transformer surrounding the core. I then need that to be surrounded by air in the vault. The vault is then modelled with and without a lid. The problem appears to be with boundary conditions in the flow simulator. I am having issues with convection between the steel case, the air outside of it, the oil inside and the core (heat source) These will all be transient models run with a 50% average load curve. I am clear on most of the steps but the multiple boundary conditions give me odd results. I assume the issue is between the temperature definition of the non-solid and/or the direction of the convection. any advice would be greatly appreciated since, as an EE, I have limited Solidworks experience.