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Can I have PDM Run a script to auto-remove lines?

Question asked by Eric Blankinship on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by Ales Svoboda



My company is just starting to integrate SolidWorks E-PDM into our system.  I imagine I'll be having plenty of other questions in the following months


So one of the things they asked me to look in is in regards to if E-PDM can automate stamping a released drawing.  In our current Manual system we put a stamp wherever we have space on the print,  but from what we've been told for it to be automated with PDM it'll need to be in the same spot every time.  So my managers wanted me to add to our drawing templates a box where the stamp will go so that engineers will never have notes, drawing views, or dimensions inside this box.


Here's the kicker, they don't want this box to be present on the final drawing.  I had suggested to them that we simply make a layer called "Stamp Location" and have the engineers turn this layer off before releasing the drawings but they want to avoid any manual type system like that.


So what I am asking is there a way that the PDM system can be configured so that part of the release process Stamps the drawing and turns off this layer before generating the PDF?


If not is there a macro that we could program in that PDM would use as part of it's process? (Yes I can now use Macros. YAY!  But only if PDM runs the macro and not me )