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Issue with Install of custom SW Add-In on user computer

Question asked by Joe Pickens on Jun 30, 2017

OK I have written a preliminary Solidworks addin that integrates Solidworks 2016, Solidworks PDM Pro 2016, Excel 2010, and some custom windows forms. The program runs perfect on my developer machine but when I try to install it on user machines the add-in loads and functions in the background fine but as soon as the user tries to open a part assembly or drawing file it causes solidworks to crashes.


i am not a programmer by profession so I might have made a mistake some where. I when through on my developer machine and uninstalled and unregistered the addin and ran the installer and the addin worked fine but i can figure out how to get it to work on the user machines. i have tried reading the dump files generated on the user machines but when i try to open with visual studio 2010 it crashes and when i open it in visual studio 2005 its blank


I have attached my add in installer files when installing on user computers i install the add in and then run my reg.bat file to register the addin.