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SolidWorks Motion 2016 problem

Question asked by Karlis Banis on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by J. Mather

Dear all,


I would gladly appreciate the help from this highly respected forums. I am doing a simple camshaft - rocker arm - valve simulation in SolidWorks Motion 2016.

My intent is to plot the linear movement of two valves as the camshaft rotates 360 degrees. I have already done this back when I was equipped with SolidWorks 2013, but now, for some reason, I can not get past this one issue:

     The assembly works just fine in "Basic motion" mode, the camshaft rotates, rocker arms and valves follow it like you would expect, but in order to plot the movement of the valves, I have to switch to "Motion analysis" mode. Sure, as soon as I switch modes and hit recalculate, the components literally explode apart. The result is always the same no matter how many times I start the assembly from scratch. I have also tried this from two different PCs so it could not be a graphics card or RAM problem. Please see the pictures below.

It has taken me a great deal of time to finally pass the error "Cannot satisfy initial velocity conditions..." which did not make any sense, and I have my back against the wall with this model. I have also uploaded the assembly in attachment, if anyone could show me what is wrong, I would be very thankful.

Please keep in mind, I need this assembly to run depending on mates, not contact, as I am also having serious issues with contacts being highly inaccurate, causing the components to press into each other regardless of the 3D contact resolution settings.

I am really shocked how well the 2013 Motion worked, compared to what difficulty I am having after switching to 2016.

Thank you.


EDIT: I have also discovered that this "explosion" only seems to occur when I am using tangent mates on the cam lobes. When using cam mates, the model holds its' original position but the cam mate itself will not make the rocker arms move.


Basic motion:



Motion analysis: