Waylon Ainsworth

Poor mating performance

Discussion created by Waylon Ainsworth on Jan 7, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2009 by Victor Sanchez
I have an assembly which consist of:

Parts: 832
Assemblies: 129
Top level mates: 801

I have reached a point in my assembly where mates execute very slowly.
Trying to move or rotate a part, whether mated or not, is extremely slow.
Zooming and panning works fine.
My VAR suggested that I have too many mates.

Also, when annotations are shown in a part, or when I'm woking on a busy drawing, trying to move, pan or rotate is extremely slow.

Any suggestions?

Intel Xeon CPU 3.40GHz
Windows XP 64
8 GB Ram
ATI FireGL V7100 with latest SW approved driver
3D Connexion Space Navigator with latest driver from their site.
SW 2009 SP1