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Adding Standard Parts to Design Programmatically

Question asked by Zhen Yan on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2018 by Zhen Yan

I've been trying to build an importer add-in. The SW version I've been using is 2016. The user can open a file that outlines the various modifications to be applied to a standard part. I would like to pick out the standard part from the toolbox, and insert it, but I've been having trouble figuring it out.


I started working with the Toolbox API, but then realized it's for managing the contents in the toolbox, not inserting them. I've read the intro documentation on the other APIs, but none seem appropriate. I did notice that the toolbox itself is an add-in, so would that mean I'll have to somehow communicate with it from my add-in? Perhaps this is more suited for a programmatic macro? I'm open to other solutions. Aside from these ideas I'm completely lost. The language is C# currently, but I'm open to other languages as well.