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    SW 2016

    Adam Shinbrot

      We typically run several rev's behind, so we only recently upgraded to Solidworks 2016. Three things about this release really bug me:


      1. Now when you click on a dimension in a Sketch it immediately asks you to change the dimension. This is annoying if you want to DELETE the dimension. Now if you want to DELETE the dimension you have to click somewhere other than on the dimension, on a leader, perhaps. If you make the mistake of clicking on the dimension and hitting delete, you get a dialog box telling you what a dummy you are, then you have to close that box and try again. This is annoying and certainly interferes with the flow of the design. What was wrong with the old way?

      2. Why did Solidworks decide it was a good idea, when calling up an assembly with missing parts, to time out on the search for the missing parts and call up the assembly without them? Half the time I am still looking for the missing part, and blam, there's my assembly. Thanks! And

      3: "User defined route" in a drawing is apparently the same thing as a user defined drawing scale, although the Help tells me this has something to do with ducting. I suppose there's a logic there somewhere, but it escapes me.

      BONUS: What used to be Tools...Measure is now Tools...Evaluate...Measure. This makes me laugh, as it reminds me of the old cascading menus of ProE, which was the thing Solidworks was specifically designed to NOT be. Someone, somewhere, has forgotten what Solidworks was meant to be, that seems clear.

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          Greg Hynd

          regarding your first point, turn off instant 2D.

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            Glenn Schroeder

            1.  That's "Instant 2d".  There are several discussions here about it.  A search should turn them up.


            2.  You should get a dialog box show up if there are components that can't be found, asking what you want to do.  Check your dismissed messages to see if it's there.


            3.  That terminology has changed to "User defined" in SW2017.

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              Jim Wilkinson

              Hi Adam,


              It's always a good idea to review the What's New document so you are familiar with what is new/different, or if you encounter something you don't like/aren't familiar with such as in these cases, search the What's New and regular documentation. Here are the topics specifically on these items:


              1) 2016 What's New in SOLIDWORKS - Instant2D for Changing Sketch Dimensions

              2) 2016 SOLIDWORKS Help - Skipping Dialog Boxes When Opening Large Assemblies

              3) I'm not familiar with exactly what you are referring to here, although maybe Glenn does since he already commented on it.

              Bonus - 2016 What's New in SOLIDWORKS - Menu Consolidation

              On the last one, the problem is that the menus are growing very large due to the amount of functionality added over the years and we had to consolidate things in the menus because the default menus no longer fit on many monitors (which causes Microsoft to put REALLY inefficient buttons for scrolling on the menus). For the most part, menus are supposed to be one of the last resorts for running commands since menus are probably the most inefficient UI to access them. Certainly, SOLIDWORKS didn't implement Microsoft menus as the way to make SOLIDWORKS more efficient than Pro/E; menus are just the "catch all" for where pretty much every command is located. If you use measure often, I would recommend you use one of the many more efficient ways to access commands such as toolbar buttons, keyboard shortcuts, mouse gestures, shortcut bar, context toolbar, etc.