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Discussion created by Adam Shinbrot on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2017 by Jim Wilkinson

We typically run several rev's behind, so we only recently upgraded to Solidworks 2016. Three things about this release really bug me:


1. Now when you click on a dimension in a Sketch it immediately asks you to change the dimension. This is annoying if you want to DELETE the dimension. Now if you want to DELETE the dimension you have to click somewhere other than on the dimension, on a leader, perhaps. If you make the mistake of clicking on the dimension and hitting delete, you get a dialog box telling you what a dummy you are, then you have to close that box and try again. This is annoying and certainly interferes with the flow of the design. What was wrong with the old way?

2. Why did Solidworks decide it was a good idea, when calling up an assembly with missing parts, to time out on the search for the missing parts and call up the assembly without them? Half the time I am still looking for the missing part, and blam, there's my assembly. Thanks! And

3: "User defined route" in a drawing is apparently the same thing as a user defined drawing scale, although the Help tells me this has something to do with ducting. I suppose there's a logic there somewhere, but it escapes me.

BONUS: What used to be Tools...Measure is now Tools...Evaluate...Measure. This makes me laugh, as it reminds me of the old cascading menus of ProE, which was the thing Solidworks was specifically designed to NOT be. Someone, somewhere, has forgotten what Solidworks was meant to be, that seems clear.