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Design Table Edits cause Excel/SW to Freeze, Forcing Me to "End Task"

Question asked by David Hart on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2020 by John Huntington

Hello SW Community!


I have been struggling with design tables that open Excel 2016 within SW 2016. I have a fairly large design table that I have separate issues with not showing all the table data with in a drawing (I will address that in another thread).


Main Issue:

When I double-click the design table within a SW drawing to edit the table view (what is shown on the drawing), the table opens the SW CAD file, and I usually get a white cross (a mouse icon) that does nothing when clicking anywhere within the Excel or SW windows that are open. I am eventually forced to use task manager to "end task" for Excel in order to get back to using SW. This also tends to corrupt the design table, causing me to start my entire process over again. 


Here's a screenshot to show what I see, but it does not capture the white cross that I see on my screen.



Excel is not open before I attempt the design table edits. I also removed all Office programs, rebooted and reinstalled all 2016 Office 365 apps. Office 365 64 bit is now installed (I had 32 bit and hoped the 64 bit would resolve the issue). I'm not sure whether this is a problem with SolidWorks, Excel, my PC or a combination.


Some PC Info:


Current Workaround:

If I edit the table within a new window to appear as I want it on a drawing, I can then delete the table and re-insert it. This works for me sometimes- other times, it shows up as it originally appeared - with hidden rows shown). I have several drawings with large design tables to update, and having to find workarounds for what should be "tried and true" functions is getting old. My coworkers are able to insert and update design tables with more data, and a few of them have the exact same PC, some with less memory. (by the way, I have run memory diagnostics a few times, no issues there). I plan to re-install SW 2016, including a registry cleaning prior to re-installation. I will follow up with the post with my results.


I want to say thank you in advance to all of you that view and respond to this post! This community has been a great help to me so far, and I hope this post can help many others with similar issues.