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Publish to PDF VS. Composer player exe???

Question asked by Kim Teems on Jun 29, 2017

PDF or Composer player exe? It seems to me that the exe is best even though the viewer can see all the views and use tools to change views etc.

I've published to a PDF U3D using a custom template but do not like the results.  Besides that - the user can still use the Player controls to change lighting, see views the PDF so why use a  PDF?


In PDF the manual looses the background and many graphics I have inserted. Both Composer made graphics and my own. What gives?


The pdf preview in my browser shows it all - see screenShotOne. screenshotOne.jpg

But when I open it in the PDF I get screenShotTwo


Any suggestions?
I personally don't understand why Composer view would want to give the view so much control. This is meant to be a manual for a person to use that doesn't need to change things. O