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"Broken" outside view to handle long dimension?

Question asked by Chris Bailey on Jun 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by Chris Bailey

My part is a little block, and one of its faces is cylindrical with a very long radius (several times the block's largest face). If I draw a radial dimension and straight dimensions to indicate the radius and center location for this curvature, these dimension lines extend way, way beyond the part outline and beyond the view. In fact they extend past the sheet border to the edge of the paper. It's difficult to see the part and the dimension lines both on the same scale. I think it would fix everything if I could use a Broken View, but the view appears predefined to extend only slightly beyond the part itself, and Broken View can only be placed within the boundaries of the view as predefined. It seems I can't place the break outside of the part so it is only breaking dimension lines. Can I enlarge the view somehow? Can I force Broken View to break dimension lines that stick way out from the view boundaries? Am I misunderstanding something or trying to solve the wrong problem the wrong way? (It may be obvious, but I'm early on the learning curve.)

Thank you!