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    SW tool box advanced user AI part generation.

    John Leigh

      Alright I know a lot of people get flak for trying to generate/use toolbox parts. Is there anyone who knows how to do advanced AI part development.  My company uses various seals and other miscellaneous hardware that are stock profiles but can have many varied stock lengths dimensions etc.  I am trying to see if there is a way to develop new AI parts where we can make input fields for a sequence of fixed dimensions in the standard properties section of a tool box part. We don't want it to be custom properties driven otherwise we would just use a ton of design table parts and that can get very messy fast with the limitations from using a single part file with 20, 30 or even hundreds of configurations.


      For example I have a screen shot of the O-ring interface open from the tool box manager.

      tool box reference.PNG

      I want to generate a seal in a manner similar to this but it is not a circular cross section. Primarily I am trying to make it so I can go to, say in this case, the inside diameter tab and be able to add as we need a new bore size, relevant cross section dimensions, etc. I also would like to do this with backup rings and we have many other more complex parts that we can do this with.


      Any help on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

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          Jay Hagan


          If there is a current component that has similar attributes you want to control, start with copying folder in toolbox and rename.   


          Copy the part file associated with the component, rename move to folder.



          Edit new file, change cross section sketch, be sure to constrain to original cross section to keep control.


          Add file to new folder.



          New sizes can be added like other toolbox parts.

          Works like other toolbox parts.

          Some cross sections created were square, parbak and x section seals. all were base of o-ring part file.


          Not sure if this is what you are looking for.  Haven't used this, looks like it may work and it was fun to investigate.

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              John Leigh

              That method was the first one I worked with. It doesn't quite give everything that is needed. If you look into the part data there are only 2 dynamically controlled variables in the model. The inner diameter and the cross section diameter.  I am looking for a little greater functionality than that, locking my dimensions in the standard properties section. I believe its doable through the custom properties part of the file but that increases the potential for the item to accidentally get edited, changed or even lost since the custom property section takes any custom property you generate and makes the variable global to the entire tool box which leaves you sorting through dozens of custom properties just to find 1 you are attempting to add a value to. I want the values only available to the part file itself.  The toolbox obviously has to be calling these databases for the standard properties from somewhere. How do you add new ones with new part files you want to make a customizable hardware toolbox part (if even possible)?