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Question asked by Eyup Firat Aydin on Jun 29, 2017

Hello Solidworks users,


I am trying to simulate to 3 members connected with bolts operating under only shear loading.


Q1a) If I use bolted connection the stress and deformation is not as expected. I cannot figure out - why? (See the simulation results from study 000)



Q1b) Well that is a simple example, and preload values can be hand calculated. HOWEVER, is there any trustworthy iterative way to find out the prelaod for much more complex geometries under much more complex loading cases.


Q2) If I connected each allignment of holes with rigid connectors, deformations and stresses are more realistic. However I would expect negative stresses around the bearing surface of the drill holes since they are subjected to compressive loading. However values are small but positive. (See the simulation results from study 001)


Q3) Same set up of study 001. Only the difference is rigid connectors are replaced with pinned connectors.

Although the overall distributions are similar, the maximum values are quite different in Study 002.



Considering my 3 questions above, how can I soundly simulate bolted connections both the members and the bolts.


PS: That can be a noob question for you guys. I agree... I am a total beginner with SW. Your valuable advices will be highly appreciated.