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Design Library Organization

Question asked by David Hales on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by Tom Gagnon

We have been on SolidWorks for over a decade, and have a fairly extensive home grown design library (800 folders, 3500 parts).  When a user needed a part that we didn't have, they would make it and put it where they wanted.  As a result, trying to find parts in the library can be a nightmare sometimes.  I am going to take on the task of reorganizing this library.  I can probably handle the fasteners and miscellaneous parts, however we probably have a thousand hydraulic parts.  (barbs, adapters, connectors, bulkheads, JIC, SAE, ORFS, NPT..etc...  all sizes and angles going from one standard to another)   Not being a hydraulic guy, it is daunting to think about how to best create a directory structure for all of these parts so that my users can find what they need.  Does anyone have any folder structures documented (spreadsheets or links)  that might give me a clear direction on how to get things organized?