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In Ansys, on some of our computers Refresh Geometry from Solidworks loses selected surfaces.  Help!

Question asked by Terry Raymond on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2017 by Terry Raymond

For other Ansys users -

When we Refresh Geometry on the Mechanical screen, on most of my user's computers, Ansys loses all the selected surfaces.  Really sucks to have to reattach all the connections, loads, and fixtures etc.  It did not do this before when we had Solidworks 2014.

Here is how it looks after refresh:

My computer doesn't have this issue for some reason; though we can't figure out the setting or whatever that causes it to not work for some users.  We've tried reinstalling Solidworks & Ansys several times to no avail.  Any ideas??  Thanks!!!


We're running SW2016sp4 and Ansys 14.0.0 on win7 64bit & win10 64bit.