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    .PSD render question

    Chris Cunningham

      Is there anyway to export a render with alpha option to a multilayered PSD? Example: project is on top layer with transparent background and bottom layer is background.

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          Ron Bates

          Unfortunately, at the moment, not in a single render operation.


          I almost always massage the ground shadow in post, and also appreciate this being on it's own layer.   I think that is what you are after?


          So I render once, selecting BEAUTY pass only (with Alpha of course) making sure to first turn off the ground under environment properties.  This is actually the "Floor Shadow" checkbox for environment properties.


          Then I render a second time, turning Floor Shadow back on, but render only the "Floor Shadow" pass.  This is generally a much faster pass.  Also include alpha.


          Now you have two images you can bring into PS, both with Alpha, and combine into their own layers.  You can then do post work on them independently.