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Several questions about Solidworks

Question asked by Tiago Figueiredo on Jun 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by Dan Pihlaja

Hello Everyone, I'm a new user of this forum.


I have in the past used solidworks, about 8 years ago, in another type of products. Today, in my current job we are pondering to switch to Solidworks. We need to see the pros and cons of switching to it.


I will have in a few days a trial version, but I would like with all of you, to see if it can fulfill my expectations.


Is it possible in design in context to have a surface in one part, and link it to another, and maintain it linked (every time in 1st part we change it, in the linked part is updated).

Is it possible in design in context, link bodies to another part?


Imagine that I have 2 Assemblies. In assembly 1 I have some references to assemble a part in assembly 2 (For example a coordinate system), is it possible to "link" that axis system from Assembly 1 to Assembly 2, and create the mate to relate them?


About parameters, is possible to have parameters with multiple values? like the following video?

CATIA | how to add multiples values - YouTube


Can you show me with some info the answers to my questions with some information?


Many thanks.