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    Laptop Spec - £500~

    Martin Brown

      Hi Folks,


      Is it possible to buy or build a laptop for around £500-600 that will be capable of running Solidworks 2017 onwards. (17" Screen)
      The laptop won't be subject to heavy huge assemblies or need to do any visualize work. The most taxing thing will probably be some reasonably light Simulation work. My work is forestry based design, so trailers, cranes, grabs etc.


      Just looking for some advice on what to focus on? Should I go for an i7 Processor & a good Graphics card as recommended and "settle" for other components or should I go for an i5 say but add a solid state harddrive etc.
      Best combo please!





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          Gian Flavio Violi

          Define light simulation work. Parts only? no contacts? small parts? linear static analysis only?


          If so, I would go for a 2Core/4Thread CPU at LEAST, recommending 4Core/4Threads or better if possible. For 500 Pounds you won't be able to buy a Certified Graphics Card, so don't bother at all with a dedicated graphics card laptop (at least for SolidWorks purposes). I would suggest 12GB ram if you are doing any simulation work, I have 16GB on my home computer and I often run out of memory.




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              Martin Brown

              Hi Gian,


              Yeah parts/multi body parts like sections of a crane boom for example, only basic tests, linear statics analysis like you've mentioned.
              Thanks for that, gives me a good starting point as prices are mounting up very quickly!
              This will be a laptop for work experience and students to use without our work, it would be nice to be able to use it for demanding day to day stuff or work at nights as well if need be, hence trying to squeeze as much out of it as possible.