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    Exporting 3D Mesh Wireframes

    Chuck Kilpatrick

      Hi all,


      I'm a graphic designer working with an engineer that uses SolidWorks and we are trying to create some product graphics similar to the attached wireframes (attachment 1). Basically the same situation as here: Creating wireframe on 3d solid .  Im expecting there to be some Photoshop work tweaking the colors, background, and effects of the wireframe, but mostly looking at how to get the Mesh Wrap look as a base to start.


      The engineer was able to provide Line Drawing style .eps files (see attachment-2), but it's just not the style we need. The engineer isn't sure of a way to create the 3D Mesh wireframe look. Does anyone have a technique I could share with him on how to export or create something like this? Any input is greatly appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.





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          Chris Dordoni

          SolidWorks can export a mesh which could be reduced to a 2d graphic in another application. The real difficulty is making a "nice" looking mesh as you have shown in your examples. Your examples were created in a polygonal modeling application rather than a cad application such as SolidWorks ... the pattern of the mesh/triangles is the indicator.


          Are you able to share the file? ...  I might be able to offer some suggestions.