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    Good Programming Software?

    Bhavarth Sharaf

      Hello there!


      I was interested in knowing which is the best software for programming Sheet Metal CNC Machines.

      I wanted to get some reviews about the software.





        • Re: Does anyone use Trutops Boost Software for NC Progrmming?
          Bob Van Dick

          I would think that Trumpf would supply that....did your company purchase the machine new?



          • Re: Does anyone use Trutops Boost Software for NC Progrmming?
            Matt Dixon

            We have TruTops Boost for punching and bending. So far, we are only using it for the bending portion and it is just laden with bugs. We have not made the plunge into the punching portion as there have been some key issues we have to figure out how to get past.


            For example, we use tools that go out three digits (.xxx), but it would only let us enter information out to two digits. They are supposed to fix this in a future release. Also, we use folder structures to keep things organized for our product lines, but Boost is ran off a database so everything is self-contained. This would be fine if there was a way to organize things NOT by customer. We also make lots of small changes to our products year-after-year, and the legacy TruTops punch allowed us to make frequent changes quickly and keep moving. Boost appears to want us to import new renditions of a part and do the whole thing from scratch again. Rarely can we just hit the Boost button as advertised and get ideal results for anything. If you are a job shop full of one-offs, this will probably work out good for you. I'm still struggling to figure out how to adapt the work flow that deviates significantly from its predecessor. If the punching portion has as many bugs as the bending portion, I will just stay with the legacy software until they get through some of them. Also, it is advertised to flawlessly import native file types and this has not been the case with our Solid Edge parts. We have had to convert them to STP files to get them into the software successfully. While the SE files import, it errors out during the processing. I'm not 100% sure as of yet, but it appears that they may have this working as of the last release we received. We have had so many problems, that we get releases before everyone else in hopes that it will fix some of our problems. At one point, it broke everything and all bend programs had to be made at the machine. One of my support guys actually admitted its excessive number of bugs. They are pushing forward with it, so it is getting better with each release. Time will tell...