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Just upgraded to 2016

Question asked by Rob Edwards on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by Dave Bear

Hi all


My Laptop hard drive failed failed so I replaced it with a super sweet new Solid State / clean Win 7 install.  WOW - well happy, my old laptops certainly got a new lease of life, but I took the opportunity to upgrade my SW install to SW16.  Not quite so happy with that.  The assembly I was working on, no crashes at all in SW15, now this afternoon two already.  The last problem wasn't a crash, it was fixed by close/reopen but my entire feature tree disappeared!

I am still on SP0.1 - we are entitled to get upto SP3 when we came off subscription.


I am wondering if the upgrade is worth the trouble.  My options are reinstall SW15 SP5 or SW16 SP3.


Either way I will have to pay for the service pack media, seems wrong to me that I can't download bug fixes as I am off subscription.


Legally am I entitled to obtain the service packs through a third party?  ...and if so is that something someone here could help me with?