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Do I need a Soidworks license for the PDM Server

Question asked by Rose Brookins on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2017 by Rose Brookins

We have standalone licenses for each of our Engineering workstations that use Solidworks 2017 to create/edit drawings/parts/assemblies.  We have PDM Enterprise installed on a dedicated Windows 2012 server.  During the implementation, the project leader from our reseller had us install Solidworks (2014 or 2015) on the server.  No one physically uses this server to run Solidworks but I have seen when something gets "stuck" in the workflow, SW will be open on the server.  We simply cancel whatever window is open (usually the save dialog box) and all is well.  Now we have upgraded all of our workstations to SW 2017 and are running into licensing issues because one of the licenses was installed on the server.  Do I really need to pay for a license to sit on the server?


Also, we hae a shared engineering laptop.  Previously, we were allowed to install the same license on two computers if it was the same user.  Now we have to deactivate the license on the desktop before activating it on the laptop.  The problem is that here are several users who share this laptop and we haven't found a way to change the license without uninstalling and re-installing.  This is VERY time consuming.  Does anyone else have a similar situation?  Have they found a solutions?