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PDM add-in starting up, despite not being installed

Question asked by Michael Yorke on Jun 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by Tim Webb



We are deploying SW 2017 to a bunch of users from an Administrative image. This image does not have any PDM add-ins selected as shown below.




Despite this, when launching 2017 for the first time, we get a warning about the version not being supported. In the background you can see the splash screen showing it loading the "SOLIDWORKS PDM Client..."




It is actually helpful that this warning has appeared as if we check what add-ins are enabled and set to run at start, we see 'Workgroup PDM'.


How can this add-in be installed if we haven't chosen to deploy any PDM add-ins from the Administrative image? Our VAR has suggested we just disable the add-in the first time of starting SW 2017. It would be tiresome to do this on many machines however.


Thanks in advance.