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Why doesn't the auto-dimension scheme in DimXpert take the tolerances from the Model?

Question asked by Chris Underwood on Jun 27, 2017


I have been trying to make a simple tolerance analysis, and I just start using DimXpert, and there are a couple of things that leave me perplexed :


- for the first, why is it necessary at all to re-establish dimensional criteria when I have already entered them in the model under "Smart" dimensions?

- when I add the size dimensions in DimXpert the tolerances show up as different compared to the ones I entered in the model? same if I use the auto dimension scheme?


Seems like it coul dbe a great feature, but I'm not a big fan of inputting data 2-3times to get the same result...I can use a spreadsheet to make a tolerance stack, which takes approx 5 minutes