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    How to set Group Permissions of a subset of common sub folders?

    Aaron Duncan

      Hi There,

      In our vault we have our data set up in projects, with the same folder set up in every project, controlled by a template, so our vault looks like this:

      Vault Root

      Project One

      - QA Folder

      - Design Folder

      Project Two

      - QA Folder

      - Design Folder


      Now I want the QA guys to be able to see the QA Folder in any Project, but not the Design Folder.    I can manually add the folder permissions each time we create a new project, but this is a pain in the butt, and relies on my remembering to do it.


      Is there any way that I can allow view permissions to say "C:\Vault_Root\%\QA_Folder?


      Such that when I create a new Project folder with it's standard sub folder, the QA guys have automatic access to the QA folder?