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can any expert on here help me with CFD problem? its with the simulation of a small water pump resun king 2 model.. i need to know the proper boundary conditions to use.....

Question asked by Kliff Latchman on Jun 25, 2017

what boundary conditions do i use for a small pump that operates at the bottom of a 3ft pond..(water level is 3ft) used for recalculation..the discharge piping is above the water level and pumps water back into the pond.. all i know is the static pressure created by the water level and the discharge piping end is exposed to atmosphere.. also from experimental runs the discharge flow rate is 219 gph and by measuring head using a transparent pipe, the max it reaches is 9.5 ft... can someone please help to specify the proper boundary conditions so i can conduct cFD accurately?.. i have a rough sketch attached.