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Make assembling different configurations of a robot really easy

Question asked by Felix Lundblad on Jun 26, 2017



I am a mechanical engineering student at Lund University in Sweden and I am working on a project for the summer. I am trying to make it as easy as possible to create different configurations of a paint robot from ABB. I also want a BOM with the length of the tubes and so on. I am always using the same robot, IRB 5400 slim but everything else is supposed to be easily customizable. Later on in the project I want to place it in an environment with control cabinets and production lines.


The robot is used as a base with mounting plates on the back and the sides. On these mouting plates I want to be able to practically drag and drop parts, such as pumps and paint blenders and have the parts that I dropped making the holes and the screws should be mounted automatically. I seem to have solved this using smart features. Would you say it is the easiest and best way to make each part that should be mounted into a smart part?


The tubing is where I feel a bit overwhelmed. I want to make the tubing as automatic as possible. Since there are going to be A LOT of tubes in some configurations I want all of the single small tubes to gather up in a big tube. I am also thinking of what options I have in implementing the tubing and which one is the best to use. I am thinking that maybe it is best to add each part and route the tubing immediatly after adding a part instead of adding all of the parts and then take care of the routing. Is there maybe a way to make this incredibly automatic? In a dream world I should be able to give this to my mom with a few quick intructions and she would be on her way. What is the best way of making tubing as easy and automatic when creating different configurations?


To me it is the end result that matters and I really see this as a learning process. I would greatly appreciate any tips of tools and/or method that I can use now and in the future.


Thank you in advance


Felix Lundblad