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Center marks and dowel pin symbols

Question asked by Michael Closson on Jan 7, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2009 by Michael Closson
This is my first opportunity to use center marks and dowel pin symbols since switching to SW09. I created an auxiliary view and tried to insert center marks and dowel pin symbols but they aren't aligned with the view. They aren't aligned to either the parent view or the aux. view. It's been a while since I used either in SW08, but I seem to remember that they were aligned with the aux. view. Is that correct? The dowel pin symbol doesn't even have an angle property. I seem to recall that with center marks I could enter an angle property to align it with the aux. view. I don't remember if I entered the angle of the view and just zero to align it. These insert at some oddball angle. Anyway, is there a way to align these with the aux. view?