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Touch control with trackpad

Question asked by Laurence Symonds on Jun 24, 2017



I am using a Macbook pro running Win 10. I have Solidworks 2016 running OK with my mouse, but ideally I'd like to use it with just the trackpad.


I've looked into the touch and multi-touch options but as I understand, they are for touchscreen computers? I want to control the interaction from just the trackpad as my Macbook Pro doesn't have a touchscreen interface. I also looked at mouse gestures but they use the right swipe, which is something that you can't do with a macbook trackpad as it only has one button.


Currently the only gestural control that I have is with two fingers moving up and down, I can zoom in and out, similar to using the scroll wheel on a normal mouse.


Is there a way to use the more advanced touchscreen controls with just the trackpad?