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    Chad Huleatt

      I'm looking at purchasing customtools. Their batch print tool, cut list tools, etc. look very promising.


      We don't use Dynamics NAV, (we do have Dynamics CRM) so we won't be able to use the BOM export tools I guess.


      I found several references to customtools on the forum, but thought I'd start this thread to collect info/ opinions in what they offer.


      Anyone have any input on this product? Does it work as well as the videos on their website imply?

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          Deepak Gupta

          I've not used it but know that it is really cool tool. I know that there are few users of CustomTools in Australia (will dig out the reference if yo need).

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            Duncan Gillis

            Hi Chad,
            I'm currently using CustomTools and can speak highly for their product. Its pretty quick to get going, and the support staff are very helpful as well.  Chat with them and request a trial.  overall very easy to use, and highly customisable.
            I'm based in Melbourne if you need any help, or want a live demo.

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                Chad Huleatt

                Thanks Duncan,


                A few questions, if you don't mind:


                1. What features are you using?

                2. Is there an Australian re-seller?

                3. There batch print looks good - solidworks built in task scheduler does a poor job of rebuilding drawings before printing, so dimensions on drawings can be incorrect. Does there batch print solve this issue?

                4. Are you using professional version? If so, is it worth $1000 per year?



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                    Duncan Gillis

                    Hi Chad,


                    not a problem!


                    I currently use the following features:
                    - Custom Properties
                    - Print and Convert - Batch Conversion for PDFs, DXFs, STEP, etc, etc, Overwriting Property Values, Part Counts
                    - BoM Export
                    - CNC tool for laser cut flat pattern creation
                    I'm probably using around 50-60% of the software a the moment, but I haven't sat down and fleshed the rest out.


                    Batch printing is really awesome, especially with the CNC tool. you can exclude/include specifically named drawings sheets. for example drawing sheet 'DXF Sheet' which has the 2D flat pattern can be excluded on PDF exports. and vice versa for DXF Export. also the batch print job has additional functionality where you can swap out drawings sheets, save/rebuild, etc.  its also heaps faster than anything else I've used. 


                    I am using the pro version so i could get the BoM export in excel, and i definitely think it's worthwhile. CT paid for itself within a few months just with Batch Printing, and the CNC tool.


                    There was an Australian reseller a few years back, but i don't know of anyone at the moment. 


                    Let me know if you want to chat further, even over the phone.

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                      Duncan Gillis

                      Hi Chad Huleatt how did you go with CustomTools, did you get the trial at all?
                      Also to confirm, it isn't $1000 to run per year, the maintenance is far lower than that.