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    Magnesium Alloy not found in materials for Solidworks 2016

    Narveen K.

      I cant find Magnesium Alloy in the material lists for solidworks 2016

      is it updated and i missed it?

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          Bernie Daraz

          I know most would suggest against using the following link but the guy (Matthew Lorono) who runs this is a frequent contributor here. The link references a custom material file that I'm sure others will agree that is one to have in your tools.


          File Downloads


          Below is some text from the page:

          Author: Chris Saller, et al.

          Author’s website: ctophers home


          Ctopher’s Custom Materials Database allows you to add many materials to SOLIDWORKS which are not currently included as part of the default installation.  Materials range from ceramics, metal alloys, plastics, crystals, and even magnets.  Current version was created using SOLIDWORKS 2016.


          This database is provided for reference only, being based on tertiary sources.  The database is not an official offering from DS SolidWorks Corp. in anyway, nor is DS SolidWorks Corp responsible for any content or how it is used.  Information within the database is not guaranteed to be correct or accurate.  Information within the database was submitted from multiple persons and sources.  No one is responsible for the content of the database.  The user of this database uses it at their own risk.  The user is responsible to crosscheck all information for accuracy to a level that suits their own needs.


          The database is a combination of materials used in aerospace and military applications, and SolidWorks users around the world submitting material properties to add to the database. The material mass properties have been tested with actual parts on a scale.

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            Dave Bear

            Hi Narveen K.


            I have it in SW2016 SP3



            You just need to look under "Other Alloys"