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How does SW find the user using a file "in use by" when saving?

Question asked by Sarah Dwight on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by Jim Sculley

So I don't really know where to best post this question.


I am saving an assembly drawing and get this message:

"This document was read-only when opened, and may have been in use by someone else.

If the file is being used by another user, save will fail.

If the file is no longer in use and if you save the document with the original name,

you will overwrite any changes made by the other user."

So I cancel and check the assembly in which I am working and when I save I find out which read-only part I have open.

It is a file in our hardware library which is saved on the network.

So it is not surprising that someone might have it open.

The surprising thing is, when I select the "click to find" option it tells me that the user using the file is someone who isn't currently in the state.

We don't have remote access to the network, so you have to be in the building to use it, or so I have been informed.


Where is SW finding this info? How does it know which user is using the file?

We don't have a vault or PDM system. (I know, get past it.) There are 4 users, 2 of which sit within earshot of me, the 4th travels.

Is it possible one of the seats is not registered correctly? How do we know which user name correlates to the seats being used?

Also neither coworker in the office has this hardware file open. Is there another reason for a read-only file?


Anyway I don't need to edit the file so I will just check the box that says "Do not save read-only documents."

I am just curious.