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Windows 10 1703 killing drawings

Question asked by james demarco on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by james demarco

So Windows updated - its a big one - new installation of Windows 1703 Creator - once complete I open SW - no problem, until I go into a drawing - dimensions everywhere, annotations missing, skewed, etc. I figure Windows updated my graphics card driver (they did) roll it back, but still there. Poked around until I had the PC good and screwed up - uninstalled EVERYTHING - updated all windows items, corrected card driver cleaned registry, clean SW install - still screwed.


On every other PC we have (not on 1703) the drawing is correct, has a lot of notes, weld size, details, etc.

Issue on this machine seems to be limited to drawings, specifically dimensions notes, annotations.

SW2016 SP 5.0

Win 10 1703 (15063.413)

Quadro K2200 (

i7 3960X