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    mass properties?

    Don Howe

      Is there a way to link the mass of a part as calculated in mass properties to show up on the drawing in a text field?

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          Ian Worrall

          Insert a note attached to the part, then follow the pic below, selecting "drawing view" in the dropdown & "weight" in "File Properties".


          Custom properties in notes.JPG

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            JOHN GEORGE


            You can add a property in your part file and link to mass value/expression

            Other option is to link an annotation in your drawing as  SW-Mass@filename.SLDPRT

            Hope this works

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              Durval Nascimento

              There is some ways to do this. You can create a note and link this property manually or create a note that displays this information automatically.

              To do automatically, you should create a note and use the sintax $PRP:"Weight"$PRPSHEET:"Weight". When you insert a model in drawing, the property will be displayed.

              Remember that the property Weight must be created in part file.

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                Gian Flavio Violi

                Yes, there is.


                Add a "Note". Leaving it blank, don't write anything into it. Click Link to property.


                You can either used the model specified in Sheet Properties or select a Model from the entire drawing.


                Then select (or create the propertie from the parts file custom properties)

                Then put the property in the dialog box.



                Accept all the changes and Voila!!

                You can write units after the number (which is a link to the property, it will auto update if anything changes).




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                  Glenn Schroeder

                  Yes.  Open your Part, and create a custom property that's linked to the Mass.



                  Now when you get to your drawing you can use the "Link to Property" icon to reference this property.

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                    John Stoltzfus

                    In your drawing format type (in a Note)



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                      Don Howe

                      Okay, thanks for the information. I have it working now

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                        Aaron Van Winkle

                        Can this be done with just one feature or body. For instance when you click on Mass properties and look at volume it shows for the whole part. Then you can delete the part from the selection and just click on a specific body and then just that bodies volume comes up. I would like to just have the note display volume of the single body. I am not sure on the syntax of the property to do this.


                        Thank you in advance.