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    Trim Surface - Mutual Trim Bug

    Anton Ivanov



      I wondered if anyone has experienced the following . I get this window when I am selecting surfaces that don't make sense for he trim command but then I can't "x" out of the window. It keeps showing up and eventually I have to force shutdown solid works. It is very annoying and I wondered if there is something i can do to prevent that form happening or it is some type of Trim command bug.


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          Paul Salvador

          Anton,.. so, you're saying that particular window popping up after trimming and/or not going away (graphical remnant)?

          ..but, since 2016, where the trim functionality changed significantly,.. I've seen many instances of trim errors which should trim or the selection (keep/remove) is/are not valid for the sides selected, or the preview options are incorrect,.. or the selection (same surfaces or sketches) have to be removed and reattached for the trim to work.. or... I have to create a new trim because the previous trim will not work.

          as always, the development and support for surfacing is sad.