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    File card variable not updating from custom property in sldprt or sldasm file.

    Jack Mattrey

      I am adding a variable to a file card via the SW PDM card editor.  The variable is linked to a custom property named "Description."  The edit-box is blank until I check out the file, modify, save it, and check the file back in.  Then I can see the file card variable description from the custom property in the SW part or assembly file.  Shouldn't this edit-box field update automatically? Also, when I create a new sldprt or sldasm and add it to the vault, the edit-box value for the "Description" custom property comes in fine right from the start.  Almost seems the variable does not see the SW file custom properties until a new version of the SW file is created or new SW files are created.


      Any guidance will be greatly appreciated,