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Why is the derived solid part still visable after converting to sheet metal?

Question asked by Tim Dickings on Jun 23, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2017 by Dennis Bacon

Hi all,


I am trying to adopt the master modelling technique with Solidworks, however being from an Inventor background I am struggling to understand certain ways that Solidworks behaves.


I have inserted the master model into a new part and used the Delete Bodies feature to leave the body required. I have then converted this into sheet metal (the part in the master file seems to have already been created as a sheet metal part however) and then added various other features like cuts/extrudes. My question is, why does the solid body still remain visible....? Its like the converted sheet metal part has been copied and placed over the top? Also, if I roll back the master file and then roll forward again it seems to mess up all the delete bodies on other derived parts and I have to go back through and edit them all again which I find quite annoying. Can anyone explain what I'm doing wrong and why this is happening? Many thanks!